Liezel M. Engelbrecht, RD (SA) 
MPH Nutrition (SU)
BSc Dietetics (SU) 
BA (Hons) Journalism (UJ)
BA (Hons) Corporate
Communication (UJ)

Hi, my name is Liezel Engelbrecht and I’m a registered dietitian living in Cape Town, South Africa. Before becoming a dietitian, I spent a decade in the media industry as a journalist, content creator and magazine editor.

Seeing how powerful the media can be in shaping people’s beliefs and behaviours, while simultaneously becoming more aware of unhealthy lifestyle habits and nutrition related diseases, I decided to enrol as a full-time student again at the age of 32 to study BSc Dietetics. I had the idea of combining my consumer knowledge and media skills with scientific nutrition knowledge to help shape healthier habits.

I now actively work towards this, developing nutrition content and collaborating with diverse stakeholders and influencers to support health messaging and interventions for facilitating behaviour change to help prevent and manage malnutrition and disease.

In my private practice, my focus is on supporting clients in cultivating a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing nutrition related diseases and support healthy ageing. I also work with clients on weight management and therapeutic nutrition management of existing noncommunicable diseases. 

Don’t book a session with me if you’re looking for a quick fix, fad diet, weight-loss supplement or ‘detox’ plan. But please contact me if you’re contemplating making sustainable and realistic lifestyle changes for better health and longevity.

Though I focus mostly on principles of the Mediterranean, Flexitarian and DASH diets, I can also assist with FODMAPS, vegetarian and vegan dietary guidance as part of a scientific, holistic approach to nutrition and health.

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