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Businesses & Brands

The food industry and private sector have important roles to play in creating healthier and more sustainable food environments. Consumers value companies who they trust to have their best interests at heart. I can help ethical brands and businesses in the following ways:

  • Evidence based nutrition consulting for businesses
  • Nutrition strategy consultation
  • Recipe development
  • Nutritional analysis of products
  • Nutrition campaign conceptualisation
  • Content creation
  • Project development and oversight
  • Production management
Personal Nutrition Assessments & Support

Do you want to find out if you are on the right nutritional path? Or perhaps you already know you need to change certain habits, but are not 100% sure where to start. I can help you in the following ways:

  • An assessment of your current dietary and lifestyle habits. Factors such your diet history, age, activity level, sleeping habits, medical history, self-reported anthropometric data, life stage requirements, environmental challenges, preferences and personal goals are considered.
  • A report based on the assessment, including a personalised dietary pattern recommendation.
  • Food exchange lists to assist with balanced meal planning.
  • Meal plans tailored to your dietary preferences.
  • Follow-up appointments for ongoing support.
  • Additional resources and templates to holistically assist you with your healthy lifestyle journey. 

COVID-19 update: Currently all consultations are done virtually or telephonically.  

Corporate Wellness

Our work environments play a key role in our health and nutrition choices. Now, more than ever, reducing the risk
of comorbidities in your workforce can be seen as a social responsibility and good longterm investment in your company.
I can help your organisation and employees in the following way:

  • Corporate wellness awareness strategy
  • Evidence based nutrition consulting
    for wellness programmes
  • Health education to help prevent
    and manage lifestyle related diseases
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Corporate menu consulting
  • Corporate menu  development
Media & Content

I have extensive experience in media production, content research, expert liaison, magazine editing, interviewing and writing. I can translate scientific nutrition concepts into plain language and assist with creating content packages for specific target audiences. I also enjoy public health education. Coupled with my nutrition expertise, I can assist with:

  • Media and communication strategy consultation
  • Project research and information aggregation
  • Public health education and advocacy
  • Nutrition speaking engagements
  • Visual information consultation
  • Team/expert sourcing
  • Stakeholder liaison

Make An Impact

Are you an influencer or prominent figure in your workplace, on social media or in your community? Perhaps you don’t even know it, or want to admit it, but other people may see you as a role model. Contact me if you’re interested to find out how you can use your voice to make a difference in the health of those around you.