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Personal Nutrition Assessments & Support

These sessions are tailored to support individual goals, such preventing or managing a disease condition, losing weight, building or retaining muscle mass, or optimising your health through nutrition interventions.

  • An InBody body composition analysis to determine muscle mass, visceral fat, fat and muscle distribution, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass and hydration status.
  • An assessment of your current dietary and lifestyle habits. Factors such your diet history, age, activity level, sleeping habits, medical history, anthropometric data, life stage requirements, environmental challenges, preferences and personal goals are considered.
  • Nutrition counselling based on goals.
  • Personalised dietary pattern recommendation.
  • Food exchange lists to assist with balanced meal planning.
  • Follow-up appointments for ongoing support.
  • Additional resources and templates to holistically assist you with your healthy lifestyle journey. 

Find out more about the type of sessions available via the booking link.

Recipe Formulation

Let me help your small or large business by creating nutritious recipes for your organisation’s canteen, food product offering, or restaurant meal. 

I can also assist in adjusting current recipes if you are looking to reduce salt, sugar and/or fat in favourite recipes, or if you are looking to replace certain ingredients for dietary restriction purposes.

Advice related to labelling regulations for marketing, macro- and micronutrient composition and nutrition labelling information can also be provided.

Corporate Wellness

Our work environments play a key role in our health and nutrition choices. Now, more than ever, reducing the risk
of comorbidities in your workforce can be seen as a social responsibility and good longterm investment in your company.
I can help your organisation and employees in the following way:

  • Corporate wellness awareness strategy
  • Evidence based nutrition consulting
    for wellness programmes
  • Health education to help prevent
    and manage lifestyle related diseases
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Corporate menu consulting
  • Corporate menu  development
Media & Content

I have extensive experience in media production, content research, expert liaison, magazine editing, interviewing and writing. I can translate scientific nutrition concepts into plain language and assist with creating content packages for specific target audiences. I also enjoy public health education. Coupled with my nutrition expertise, I can assist with:

  • Media and communication strategy consultation
  • Project research and information aggregation
  • Public health education and advocacy
  • Nutrition speaking engagements
  • Visual information consultation
  • Team/expert sourcing
  • Stakeholder liaison