consultation fees

individual nutrition services

All consultations will be virtual via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp call, depending on patient preference.

Healthy lifestyle starter package 

This is your first step towards a healthier lifestyle.
What you can expect: 

  • A pre-consult assessment based on an electronically administered questionnaire.
  • A 90 min. initial consult including nutritional assessment of diet, lifestyle and individual goal setting. 
  • Dietary pattern recommendation and personalisation based on individual energy requirement needs.
  • Additional supportive resources.
  • 1-week meal plan
  • A 60 min. follow-up nutrition counselling session.
Nutritional assessment only

Do you want to find out if you are on the right nutritional path? Or perhaps you already know you need to change your food habits, but not yet 100% sure that you want to commit to full-on counselling sessions. Try this assessment. 
What you can expect:

  • A basic assessment of your diet based on an electronically administered questionnaire, which takes into account factors such as personal diet history, medical history, self-reported anthropometric data, preferences and goals.
  • An electronically administered report, resources and dietary pattern recommendation.
Nutrition counselling

This is only available after an initial assessment, or as add-ons to the starter package.
What you can expect:

  • A 60 min. virtual session. 
  • A support plan and nutrition therapy based on your medical history and goals.
  • Additional resources
1-week personalised meal plan 

This is only available after an initial assessment.
What you can expect:

  • A 15 min. call to clarify food preferences and food lifestyle fit.
  • An electronically delivered meal plan based on your dietary pattern recommendation.
  • Recipe ideas.
  • Additional meal planning resources.
Nutrition coaching

It’s not always easy to make changes to your food habits and lifestyle choices. Nutrition coaching can provide you with ongoing support and help you keep the momentum you built going. This is only available after a nutritional assessment or starter package.
What you can expect:

  • Nutrition literacy and support delivered via 4 x 30 min. virtual sessions per month.
  • Monthly subscriptions are available.